Custom Fabrication

At Raceco USA we can custom fabricate virtually any part you may need. We specialize in custom, purpose built off-road race cars and trucks. Our custom fabrication includes parts such as trailing arms, A-arms, torsion housings, vw style beams. We also fabricate smaller products such as custom jack mounts, custom brackets for accessories, and anything else you might need to finish your project. We can also assist you in the design and development of your part using our in house Design and Engineering department. So no matter what your need or the scope of your project we have the resources, the experience and know how to get your parts fabricated on time and with superior quality.


Race Vehicle Prep

At Raceco USA our passion is building, prepping and racing off road vehicles. With the experience gained over the last 18 years we feel we can give our customers the highest level of safety, and success without failure. We are extraordinarily meticulous about our race prep service and treat each vehicle as if it were our own. Every full race prep at Raceco USA starts with a full tear down and chassis inspection to check for stress cracks. We send major components off to be magnafluxed to ensure a crack free part that is safe to race. We inspect every aspect of your vehiclele from each nut and bolt, oil lines, filters, pivot bushings, wiring, etc. All critical drivetrain components are thoroughly inspected and serviced.



We here at Raceco USA take our manufacturing process very seriously and we specialize in high quality limited quantity runs to meet the needs of your business. With an in house design and engineering department, and custom fabrication taking place every day we decided to take our skills to the mainstream and offer a streamlined process for end product delivery. We define manufacturing as The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer’s expectations or specifications. Manufacturing commonly employs a man-machine setup with division of labor in a large scale production. Give us a call to see how Raceco USA can help with your manufacturing needs.

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@honda_powersports_us talon 1000r delivers some of the most caged fun you could imagine! With the help of @racecousainc this unit looks racey and low profile on some nice beadlock @methodracewheels and is ready for the next round of @dp4offroad ... come on out and bring your fitness and family!! #letshavefun 📸 @jammminjay

"What the F¿€k was that"
Hahahaha @wesmiller70 classic !!

When the Baja 1000 leader is stopped and gets passed by a Raceco-USA built Honda Talon !!


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What’s everyone think about the new look?

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💥PARKER 250 💥

Huge turnout for the @bestinthedesert Parker 250 with over 180 total entries. Tech and contingency went better than expexted with all the restrictions my hat goes off to the BITD crew.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon to a 1pm UTV start time the UTV Rally Turbo/NA class was second to last off the line , with the dusty conditions I knew my 24th start position was going to be tough to get thru the pack of fast competitors .

@prestoncampbell300 and I pushed hard to a physical 7th on the road in class going into the 2nd lap. The Raceco-USA equipt @honda_racing_us Talon was incredible in the harsh conditions as the course deteriated . Pushing hard thru the pack we found ourselves in contention for the Overall in class only 3 minutes back physically from the leader and 2nd on time thru Midway pit on lap 3. Not knowing exactly where the leader started we kept our pace. As we crested a blind rise about Race mile 28 we hit a G-out and hit the bottom of the chassis which fractured the cast oil pan on our 1000R.
The result was heart breaking for Team Raceco-USA . Our day had ended at RM 35 on our last lap.

Thank you to Sportsman #S915 for pulling us 4 mile out of the canyon we were in, and to the course worker for giving me a most needed Coke!!

Thank you to our sponsors , family and friends. We will come back stronger


@willowog and crew

The entire Watson family and

A true Legend has gone to a better place. Mr. Meyers thank you for being a Pioneer, an innovator, and overall a great human being. The Meyers Manx will always Live in our hearts . The offroad community will miss you

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Dedicated To Perfection

At Raceco USA, we strive for perfection. We will never cut corners to save time and we will never create something we don’t think is perfect. We are meticulous in everything we do, and at the end of the day we offer a product that is second to none.

Raceco USA Class 10 Interior

High Quality

We go beyond milspec for our wiring harnesses to ensure perfect function in the most demanding of race applications and are protected from heat, dust and water. 

High Tech

We integrate the latest technology from PCI Race Radios for crystal clear communications not only in the car but to your support crews when needed and every second counts. 


Everything you need and nothing you don’t. We create well thought out cockpits, designed to allow the driver to drive and co driver to monitor all critical functions quickly and efficiently. 

Raceco USA Apparel

“Motorsports Apparel for the Active Lifestyle” For all orders please email us at We accept paypal and all credit cards.

The Raceco USA Way

Engineered To Win

All of our Raceco USA race vehicles are engineered from the ground up to give you exceptional handling and extraordinary durability. Everything we do has been designed in CAD and refined on the race course to ensure we’re delivering the best car that we can build.

Race Checked

We have a thorough checklist of every nut and bolt on the car that includes a 250 point hands on check after the car has been assembled and shaken down on a test run. This process ensures that the car is as ready as it can be and that nothing has been overlooked.


We have packages that we know work well, but we are flexible and can customize any particular part of the car to ensure it meets your needs. Wether it’s a custom shock package or a particular race engine package, we can incorporate any of your requests into the build.

Versatile Layout Options

At Raceco USA, we don’t limit your options. We can incorporate any idea you have to provide you with the ultimate “office” for the day.



Choose your electronics layout.



Choose your own seats.



Decide which gauges you want where.



Look No Further. Lets Get Started Today!