Raceco Honda Talon R SXS/UTV Performance

RACECO USA embraces the SXS world and specializes in developing Honda Talon products. RACECO USA purchased Its own Talon and began developing components, starting with everything from race spec roll cages, complete suspension parts, chassis brace kits, steering kits, safety components and much more. We continue to test durability in the SCORE International series on our components and make improvements as well as continue to develop new products.


We here at Raceco USA take our manufacturing process very seriously. With an in house design and engineering department, and custom fabrication taking place every day we decided to take our skills to the mainstream and offer a streamlined process for end product delivery. We define manufacturing as The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer’s expectations or specifications. Manufacturing commonly employs a man-machine setup with division of labor in a large scale production. Give us a call to see how Raceco USA can help with your manufacturing needs.

Vehicle Prep
At Raceco USA our passion is building, prepping and racing off road vehicles. With the experience gained over the last 18 years we feel we can give our customers the highest level of safety, and success without failure.

We are extraordinarily meticulous about our race prep service and treat each vehicle as if it were our own. Every full race prep at Raceco USA starts with a full tear down and chassis inspection to check for stress cracks. We send major components off to be magnafluxed to ensure a crack free part that is safe to race. We inspect every aspect of your vehiclele from each nut and bolt, oil lines, filters, pivot bushings, wiring, etc. All critical drivetrain components are thoroughly inspected and serviced.

Our goal is to provide our customers a safe, reliable and competitive race vehicle.

Raceco-USA can also accommodate most budgets and can work with you to meet your needs.

Design And Engineering
Raceco-USA offers a full line of services including design and engineering. These services are an important part of our core business.

These design engineering services include: product development, product improvement and sometimes reverse / re-engineering of a current product, part or assembly.

Raceco-USA not only has the skills to design and develop new products for our customers but can also fabricate and fixture these products to the customers specifications.

We keep current with the latest in CAD/CAM technology, and are able to go from design to finished part with quality and productivity in mind. Using software such as Solidworks, Autocad and Draftsight we can accommodate almost any data files.